Horseshoe Tables

I finally received my horseshoe table! After a long year and a half without one, this has proved such a miracle worker. I used to be working with a big, rectangular table. Let me know tell you, instructing students on a rectangular table is incredibly difficult. Attempting to reach a student or see their work who is sitting diagonal to you is nearly impossible. I used to put my highest ability kids in the hard spots, and the lower ones in more accessible spots. It was unfair and led me to have less time with the higher ability kids. But no more!

I find it incredible that a third-grade classroom wouldn't have one. I remember when I first started my job I was genuinely perplexed where the table was... only to learn I wouldn't have one!

My coworker put them together for our team since we were so excited about getting them in use. Guided math, reading, and one-on-one remediation is so much easier with this thing.

I bought cute metal buckets at Target to put in the middle of the table. In them I have everything that I may need for our strategy meetings and guided math. In one I have scissors and glue, another pencils, another dry-erase markers, and finally highlighters. I also leave my detailed lesson plan book with areas for anecdotal notes inside of it at the table as well.

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