Five For Friday.... late!

This is my first time doing a Linky Party... so hopefully I am doing this right! Make sure to take a peek at Doodle Bug's Teaching for some great ideas. 

So glad this week was over! The kids were so excited about Halloween this week, so it made for a rather rough week. Fingers crossed that they had an awesome time celebrating on Friday!

Our classroom Halloween party went well! We watched a Magic School Bus: Going Batty while enjoying brownies, Goldfish crackers, and lollipops. I have the best classroom parents to help make our days so much fun!

Officially feels like November! Leaves are changing colors and it finally is getting rather cold. My boyfriend and I went to a winery on Saturday and had a chance to see all the beautiful changing leaves. The winery was DELICIOUS and a nice break after a stressful week!

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