Class Rules, Morning Meeting, and Class Motto

Hi all, and happy Sunday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was busy but fun. Yesterday I spent time with my boyfriend's friends at a winery (a winery which served lasagna... isn't that strange? I have never been to a winery with lasagna before), attended a work party, watched the Panthers vs. Seahawks game at a bar with a few of my coworkers, and went out with my friends to a club for a going away party. Today has not been so productive however... I have not left my couch and television. I did, however, eat an entire Domino's Pizza. Don't even worry though, it was thin crust. AND it had olives and banana peppers on it. #nutrition

I wanted to share these sweet classroom management posters I put together in the beginning of the year. I love how they turned out, they fit into my jungle classroom well. Aren't the backgrounds adorable? They are glittery animal print, too cute. 

CLASS RULES: The class came up with these rules together. On the back of the rules (before I laminated it), each child signed his or her name. There are only four rules, and the rules are generic. Basically any good behavior can be put into one of those categories. Keep hands to yourself? Falls under kind, respectful, and safe. Walk in classroom? Shows being safe and responsible. Don't pick up your teacher's iPhone and start texting all my friends? I'm going to place that in the respectful category. 
We came up with these rules in the second week of school. The kiddos brainstormed rules they thought they should have in class. However, they had to put a positive spin on each rule. For example, instead of "don't run," they had to rephrase it to "walk." Or instead of "don't hit," they would say "keep hands to self." Afterwards we grouped the rules into bigger categories, hence getting kind, respectful, safe, and responsible! When kids break our rules and are pushing, hitting, or teasing, I will remind them "Is that showing an example of our classroom rules?"

CLASS MOTTO: I always remind my kids to believe in themselves and to always try their best. It sounds cheesy, but constantly saying this and reinforcing it has them take it more seriously. I tell them that the only thing they cannot do in our room is give up. I love overhearing them when they collaborate in math that they HAVE to try their best. So much positive support at a young age, it is a nice thing to see.
MORNING MEETING RULES: The class and I created these rules together. We talked about what meetings are, and how both kids and adults have meetings that although can be fun, need to be taken seriously. Together we positively brainstormed ideas. Together the class came up with listening respectfully to others, look at the speaker, and offer thoughtful & respectful comments. If a child interrupts a classmate, I ask them to remind us of the morning meeting rules and show us what that looks like.

If you're interested in these rules and would like to hang them in your own classroom , you can pick them up at my TPT store, Glitter In Third.

Have a great night! I am off to get a manicure... I peeled off all my Shellac polish last night after getting it to stay fresh, shiny, and perfect for three weeks. Well, minus the thumbs. Those suckers always start peeling by week 2. Happy Sunday night!

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