Five for Friday!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!

School starts... tomorrow?!?!?!?!??!?! I have a range of feelings and emotions over this.... most of those feelings being sadness over doing errands, cooking, and working on yoga poses all day. Oh well. Gotta be making those dolla dolla billzzzz somehow I guess. Plus I get to see my awesome students AND start fractions tomorrow!

Last night my boyfriend had his friends over for the Steelers/Ravens game. The Steelers lost, which
is the team that they rooted for. My attempt at giving them a healthy snack was feeding them chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. So although the game was terrible, these cookies were yummy! I used the King Arthur recipe this time and was impressed, they were fantastic! They also didn't spread too much, which is always the failure part of oatmeal cookies. Here's the link if you have some ingredients on hand and want to stick it to your New Years' resolution :-)

THE NORDSTROM CLEARANCE SALE MAKES ME A VERY HAPPY GIRL. Speaking of being happy, just got these boots. Now I am especially happy. 30% off and I got to pick them up for under $100! Because clearly I do not already own enough shoes or boots.... but these boots were FREE due to the plethora of Nordstrom gift cards that I received for Christmas. Love it. I tried them on at the store, and was shocked at the tiny calf size. I have very skinny chicken legs, so finding boots that do not have a gaping calf is next to impossible. These were absolutely perfect, bordering on tight. Woop woop! Here's the link if you're interested!

I just ordered my final graduate transcripts for my last graduate course for gifted education! I am thrilled to be adding this to my teaching license! Hopefully the first of many more endorsements to come :-)

I am having a sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I am starting a new grammar line called Glittering Grammar. I love TPT, but grammar is an area that I sometimes have difficulty finding on the site. In general, schools and education have stepped away from grammar, but it truly is an essential piece of students' writing. I just completed a subject and predicate lesson, assessment, and worksheets. Hopefully once I add more to the line I will be able to make one of the Glittering Grammar pieces free as an example. Click here if you're interested in a sale on some great goodies :-)

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