Visual fraction war... new math center game

I wanted to share a new game that I designed and use as a math center in my classroom... Fraction War! I like this game because the kids enjoy it... happy and engaged students make a happy teacher! I originally used this as a game that we played in small groups at my table, then moved it to a review buddy game.

Now I cannot take credit for this game! There are tons of similar games like this on TPT or that I have seen in other teachers' classrooms, but the games are usually way too easy. I like this one because the fractions are different shapes. They aren't all squares or all circles, which makes the comparison more difficult. Some of the problems require the kids to take out paper and find the common multiple or do the butterfly method. This game takes an extra step than just looking at circular pictures and automatically knowing which one is bigger. I love when my kids think and grow mathematically with a challenge, and this game leads to that. Since it's competitive, students get excited to prove their answer when they know they will beat their partner!

A lot of people use manila envelopes for center games, but I love Ziploc slider bags. They stay looking neat, plus I have a ton (when 28 kids each bring in a giant bag of Ziplocs, you basically have a lifetime supply). I hot glue the title on the front and directions on the back. Easy!

If you're interested in picking up Fraction War, visit my store! Or, you could also make your own. Either way, your kids will love this game.

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