Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! We had a lovely workday tomorrow, where I decided to be festive. In the past I haven't done much for St. Paddy's day with my kiddos. My students in the past have been...well... sometimes not into "little kiddish stuff." Talking about a leprechaun going cray cray in our classroom was probably not their cup of tea. This class, however? Oh my, they are ALL for it.
I am a Target $1 Spot junkie. I LOVE their seasonal gel clings!!!

Here is our morning message! I hope they get excited when they walk into the classroom. I had my teammate from across the hall write it in order to conceal Leo the Leprechaun's true identity :-)

To take it a step further, I cut out some cute little footprints and stuck them around my door and window. I will my my window open tomorrow to show Leo's "escape"! Woah, those footprints look even worse in photographs. I am not too artistic when it comes to cutting....or drawing...or painting....
What does your class do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I am off to CVS to pick up some gold coins that Leo shall be leaving as a fun treat!

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