I do not have the best storage in my classroom, but I try my best to work with the space I have! Although really... does any teacher truly think they have the most amount of storage ever and they don't know what to do with it all??? The cabinets above my sink are kind of sucky. We can't put anything heavy in them.... a teacher put books in them three years ago and they literally collapsed right off the wall!!

 I decided on Monday that I needed some kind of a change, so that change was bound to happen in my cabinets. I have been making a lot of math center games for my store, and I think I wanted a nice place to hold and sort through them.

My cabinets have been driving me cray cray. I also have a ton of stuff for math, but always forget I have it during a specific unit. I recycled some extra book bins I had, created some labels, laminated them, and hot-glue-gunned those suckers on while my kids were in art class. Ta-da!!! I am so much happier with them! The boxes don't fit perfectly straight-on, but it's perfect to hold my center games, quiz-quiz-trade review games, and demonstrative manipulative pieces.

As you can tell... I ran out of book boxes and had to resort to some navy ones that I had. However, it worked out great. I have a ton of center games for multiplication/division as well as place value, so I wanted these units to have slightly bigger boxes anyway. Those unlabeled boxes above? I am going to make labels for Challenge 24, Marcy Cook tiles, and my decks of cards.

I will probably hate this set up by next month, I am quite fickle in my likes of the week. But for now, I'm loving it :-)

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