Money review!

My students are finishing up their graphing and data unit this week. Graphing and data is a unit that is easy to incorporate fun activities into. We found mean, median, mode, and range with goldfish crackers. Kids created line plots for the amount of red Skittles in a handful. We timed ourselves doing jumping jacks to see how many we could do in 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds to create a line graph. However, I was feeling graphing overload and wanted to incorporate a different activity that didn't involve an X and Y-axis. I opted for a fun day of review with money!

I created a math treasure hunt. I found some adorable price tags on TPT and put prices on each one. Then, I taped them to objects around my room. Students were told to:
1. Buy as many objects as they can! They each have a total of $20 to spend.
2. Add up the objects they selected.
3. Find how much change they would receive if they paid with a $20 bill.

We have math first thing in the morning, so I already had the price tags taped around the room when they kiddos arrived. They kept running up to me while I greeted students at the door asking "WHY ARE THERE PRICE TAGS?? ARE YOU SELLING THESE ITEMS?". Of course I said yes :-) Who wouldn't sell their class a box of baby wipes?

This was a great way to incorporate math into real-life situations. Many students asked if they could buy the same item twice (no, there's only one globe! How could you buy two?) or if they could go over the $20 they have. A few looked shocked when I said that isn't how it works in the real world! Merchants will not let you off the hook if you're $.53 short! Some kids tried to get as many items as they could for the $20, while others wanted the big items.

If you're interested in any products about money, I have an interactive notebook that I adore, as well as some good math money games like Money War and Bakery Match-Up to review counting money!

Ancient Greece crafts & activities

It is Ancient Greece overload in my classroom this week! Here are two fun activities that my kids LOVED! I also played traditional Greek music while they did these activities in attempt to keep the noise level down. My room sounded like a Greek wedding. These activities are simple, free, and an easy display to be hung up on your bulletin boards to add a little ancient civilization festivity into your classroom!

Ancient Greek god/goddess Facebook page 
My coworker came up with this great idea with a template that she found on TPT. Each student picked a god/goddess to create a Facebook page for. How fun is this? The students filled out the Greek god/goddess of their choice page, with family members, friends, and likes. The students applied their content knowledge to infer which Greek gods would be friends, what they might like, and what one might choose for their cover photo.

Greek pottery... minus the clay
I made a fun display with these babies! Each kid received a tan piece of paper, a black piece of paper, and a Sharpie. They created  Greek vase shape (I put all the different kinds up on the SmartBoard), then cut it out and decorated with a Sharpie. Finally, we glued the pots onto a black piece of paper and put them on display in the hallway. I LOVE this! The kids really got into it and did all kinds of decorations. Some chose to make pictures of daily life, while others chose to make geometric patterns that are often seen in Ancient Greek pottery. I thought it was funny seeing how small some of the kids made their vases... I gave them a massive piece of paper! A couple kids decided to make two mini-pots after thinking that their black pieces of paper looked awkwardly big with the teeny, tiny vase on it.

 Do you have any fun activities or crafts that your class enjoys doing when studying Ancient Greece?

Simple Machines

As soon as I start preparing and planning for my simple machines unit, I know the year is coming to a close. Well... we have about two more months. Which sounds like a lifetime. Testing always sneaks up on us, but then there is three weeks of kids going crazy and antsy in the classroom! Eeeeek.

I am already planning for next year. How crazy is that? This year really flew by. I have gotten into my mind that I MUST swap every desk I own for a table, so I am trying my best to figure out what that will look like and how the flow of the room will go. Today I used my entire lunch and specials break to re-organize and drag things around my room. 

In case you too are starting simple machines, I wanted to show what I do for this unit that makes my life easier and makes science enjoyable for my kids. 

Firstly, I am an interactive notebook addict. I love this simple machines interactive notebook. It was my second interactive notebook I ever made, so it makes me happy that this is where my obsession started! I think it breaks down the concepts and ideas easily to make the simple machines unit "click" for my kiddos. 

The interactive notebook covers form, function, and real-life examples for each simple machine. It also has a good introduction about work, distance, and force. I think it brings everything together so kids see the big picture and why everything connections. Here are the interactive notebooks if you're interested :-)

Have you ever heard of Zog the Caveman? If you are teaching simple machines, he is awesome to give the kids fun videos about each one. They are super old-school, yet my kids go cray cray over them. I use Learn360 for my kids to watch them, but I think that they are also on YouTube. 

How cute are these posters??? The colors turned out so vibrant, I am in love. I am a sucker for anything cutesy, but these are also informative! I like the lever poster the most. It makes me laugh.... that little boy looks like he is having the best time ever trying to pull out a nail. Nope, I do NOT believe it. Pulling out nails is never fun. Take a peek at them here!

In addition to this unit, my kids will be doing a PBL on compound machines and making their own. I cannot wait to see what they come up with, stay tuned :-)

Growing bundle: Math center games

Have you heard of a growing bundle before? I read about growing bundles on Teachers Pay Teachers before, but this is my first time creating one. I LOVE the idea! I enjoy creating math games. I adore seeing my students excited about a new game that is added into the rotation. Feel free to take a peek at it! It currently includes lots of games about almost every unit that I teach... fractions, money, place value, fractions, multiplication, and measurement. 

How does it work? 
Every time that I create a new game, I add it to the bundle. The bundle increases in value. Basically, once you pay once, you get new items for free every time that one is created. I generally create about 1-2 new games a month. How excited will your students be to see a new game added into the math center rotation? The bundle increases in small increments every time a new game is added. If you buy early, you are getting tons of new games for free. You may buy the bundle at $25, but in a month the price continues to increase as new games are added. Ultimately this bundle could have 30 games in it and sell for $90, but you will have access to every game at the cheaper cost. It's a great value, and it's fun.

Why would anyone want this?
My name is Kelly, and I am a math center game addict. I love creating math center games. I love printing and laminating math center games. I even love cutting them out (well... not really). But most of all, I love how darn excited that my kiddos get about a new game. I am greeted with "OMG THERE IS PLACE VALUE WAR!!!!" when I put out a game that is new or different. 

What I really love about these growing bundles is that they remind me of monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox or Ipsy (speaking of which, I ordered my boyfriend Sock Panda. Every month he gets socks in the mail, too cute). Once or twice or maybe more, depending on how crafty I feel that month, you receive a notification that a new game is added to the bundle. You get to download it and set it up in your classroom. It's a fun surprise for both you and your students

Have you heard of these before? What are your thoughts?

Ancient Greece in my classroom

In third-grade, we study ancient civilizations. Specifically, Ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt. These are so much fun and the kids love learning about them! I notice that every year, Ancient Greece is the favorite. Here are some ways that we study and learn about it, and that may work in your classroom as well!

1. Reading LOTS of myths! 

I think my number one way to get my kids excited for Ancient Greece involves reading myths. Third-graders cannot get enough of myths! They are fascinated and intrigued by the gods and goddesses. The Uborne "Greek Myths" book is my favorite for myths for the kids. The myths are short, so you can easily sneak in one or two a day. Also, YouTube is perfect for any extra 5-10 minutes you may have during the day. I generally type in "Greek myths" and lots of cartoons pop up or read alouds. If your school has access to MyOn, they definitely have some perfect picks as well.

2. Ancient Greece interactive notebook

This is my first year doing this Ancient Greece interactive notebook in my classroom. Interactive notebooks teach students how to synthesize and organize thoughts. They accommodate multiple learning styles and serve as a portfolio for teachers to track growth over time. They allow students to take ownership of learning through color and creativity.

How cute are these notebooks?? Some of my girls opt to work on these things at resource... coloring them and making them beautiful! I get so excited to see them eager and curious about the material we are learning about. The information is visual and simple to understand- perfect to condense such a rich topic.

TIP: I cannot stand paper clutter, so a little tip for reducing the amount of loose papers with these interactive notebooks is to make an initial packet of ALL the interactive notebook pieces that the kids will need. Print out the papers you need, then copy them ONE-SIDED and stapled. Each student gets a packet. Each lesson, say "tear out the first page, "or "first two pages." Then the kids can keep the packet in a folder while tearing out the pages to cut and glue.

3. Greek gods/goddesses booklet

I also sell this gods & goddesses booklet. My favorite thing to do with this is use it as a literacy center, I have a group of Greek myths that I checked out from the school library. The kids read a myth, then fill out information in their booklet. My kids are big Rick Riordan fans, so they can also get information from there. The kids are always so psyched about Greek gods/goddesses, many of them go home and fill this out on their own! Kids doing non-required research always makes me thrilled :-)

4. Greek brochures
After the end of every ancient civilization unit, the kids create brochures. The brochures are a way to sum up the unit. The kids put down all the key information down on their brochure. Each unit, my kids say this is one of their favorite parts and beg to make more!

What do you do for Ancient Greece? Do you have any fun ideas- I'd love to know all about them! My team and I are always looking for new ways to engage our students in this unit :-)

You oughta know about Team Shake!

Hi! In the midst of my spring break, I'm linking up with my blogging friends to share a classroom idea that you oughta know! You oughta know about this awesome grouping app, Team Shake, that will make creating collaborative groupings in your classroom a breeze!

My absolute favorite app on my school iPad is Team Shake! This app makes my classroom groupings extra efficient and so helpful. Team Shake is an fabulous iPad app that allows you to quickly, efficiently, and randomly select names or create teams in your classroom. For $0.99 this app has been an absolute life AND time saver!
It takes about 5-10 minutes to set it up with all the students' names in your classroom. You also select their ability levels (high, medium, and low), and they can be paired up accordingly. You can select which kids CANNOT work together ahead of time, meaning that they will never be "randomly chosen" to be in the same group. However, the kids have no idea about this function! A few select kiddos are none the wiser that they are not going to be working together due to behavioral or personality conflicts.

The kids love when I plug the iPad into the projector so that they can watch the app "shake it up" and make teams. I used to hear complaints or see sad faces when teams were selected (as much as we talk about being respectful of all our classmates, unfortunately some kids have a.... difficult.... time keeping their feelings or disappointments to themselves). Now with Team Shake, the kids don't seem to care as much who is in their groups, they are simply so excited to watch the groups randomly be made! They never ask why I never pair them up with a friend, because they know it is all up to our random name generator :-)

This app is also great with specials teachers. For example, the guidance counselor has 30 minutes every other week to come into my classroom and give a lesson on a topic about friendship, bullying, or home life. She doesn't know every student's name in the class, and it is difficult in the short amount of time that she is in the room to quickly group the students for a fun activity. I love being able to swoop in, ask her how many teams she wants total, and then shake it up on my iPad so she can create her teams!

Don't have an iPad or iPad projector adapter? If you have an iPhone, you can still use these and just tell the kids which group is which! It is still super simple and a big time saver.

How do you do your collaborative groupings? Do you have another app that you enjoy? Share with me in the comments below!

Now that you read my blog post, hop over to any of these other fabulous bloggers :-) 

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday!!!! 

Please forgive my small amount of Five for Friday post today. I am on spring break and lacking fun student pictures and activities. Speaking of which, I forget how much I love spring break, it is so darn relaxing. Thinking about going back to school on Monday is kind of a downer at the moment. I absolutely adore my job, but it is so nice relaxing all day, working on TPT products, going to yoga, taking walks, shopping, visiting my mom, and catching up on the DVR. On the plus side, summer will be here soon!

On Monday I got back from a mini-vacay to Sarasota, Florida. My dad lives down there, so my boyfriend and I took a few days to go and visit him. Isn't it beautiful? It makes me want to move to Florida to enjoy the water and gorgeous weather year round.

I now have a Glitter in Third Instagram! Are you on Insta?? If so, feel free to check me out @glitterinthird. I'd love to follow you on Insta as well, I am in search of some fun teachers to follow and see all their posts. 

This year I am cooking Easter dinner for my boyfriend, his brother, his cousin, and her boyfriend. I have never made an Easter dinner before... let alone a ham! I found a recipe on Pioneer Woman that looks tasty for a ham (and easy), so fingers crossed that it goes well. If you have a great recipe, PLEASE let me know!!! I feel like I am going into this totally blind. 

I am a legging addict! I bought a new pair this week from Nordstrom and I am obsessed. They are from Zella, and I have lived in these things the entire spring break! I wear them to yoga, the mall, the grocery store... the list goes on and on. They are a little pricy for leggings, but they are SO comfortable. Plus they aren't see-through. I have bought so many leggings in my life, only to discover at a terrible (public) moment that they are partially see-through. These are wonderful, comfortable, and cute. Feel free to take a peek at them here!