Ancient Greece crafts & activities

It is Ancient Greece overload in my classroom this week! Here are two fun activities that my kids LOVED! I also played traditional Greek music while they did these activities in attempt to keep the noise level down. My room sounded like a Greek wedding. These activities are simple, free, and an easy display to be hung up on your bulletin boards to add a little ancient civilization festivity into your classroom!

Ancient Greek god/goddess Facebook page 
My coworker came up with this great idea with a template that she found on TPT. Each student picked a god/goddess to create a Facebook page for. How fun is this? The students filled out the Greek god/goddess of their choice page, with family members, friends, and likes. The students applied their content knowledge to infer which Greek gods would be friends, what they might like, and what one might choose for their cover photo.

Greek pottery... minus the clay
I made a fun display with these babies! Each kid received a tan piece of paper, a black piece of paper, and a Sharpie. They created  Greek vase shape (I put all the different kinds up on the SmartBoard), then cut it out and decorated with a Sharpie. Finally, we glued the pots onto a black piece of paper and put them on display in the hallway. I LOVE this! The kids really got into it and did all kinds of decorations. Some chose to make pictures of daily life, while others chose to make geometric patterns that are often seen in Ancient Greek pottery. I thought it was funny seeing how small some of the kids made their vases... I gave them a massive piece of paper! A couple kids decided to make two mini-pots after thinking that their black pieces of paper looked awkwardly big with the teeny, tiny vase on it.

 Do you have any fun activities or crafts that your class enjoys doing when studying Ancient Greece?