Growing bundle: Math center games

Have you heard of a growing bundle before? I read about growing bundles on Teachers Pay Teachers before, but this is my first time creating one. I LOVE the idea! I enjoy creating math games. I adore seeing my students excited about a new game that is added into the rotation. Feel free to take a peek at it! It currently includes lots of games about almost every unit that I teach... fractions, money, place value, fractions, multiplication, and measurement. 

How does it work? 
Every time that I create a new game, I add it to the bundle. The bundle increases in value. Basically, once you pay once, you get new items for free every time that one is created. I generally create about 1-2 new games a month. How excited will your students be to see a new game added into the math center rotation? The bundle increases in small increments every time a new game is added. If you buy early, you are getting tons of new games for free. You may buy the bundle at $25, but in a month the price continues to increase as new games are added. Ultimately this bundle could have 30 games in it and sell for $90, but you will have access to every game at the cheaper cost. It's a great value, and it's fun.

Why would anyone want this?
My name is Kelly, and I am a math center game addict. I love creating math center games. I love printing and laminating math center games. I even love cutting them out (well... not really). But most of all, I love how darn excited that my kiddos get about a new game. I am greeted with "OMG THERE IS PLACE VALUE WAR!!!!" when I put out a game that is new or different. 

What I really love about these growing bundles is that they remind me of monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox or Ipsy (speaking of which, I ordered my boyfriend Sock Panda. Every month he gets socks in the mail, too cute). Once or twice or maybe more, depending on how crafty I feel that month, you receive a notification that a new game is added to the bundle. You get to download it and set it up in your classroom. It's a fun surprise for both you and your students

Have you heard of these before? What are your thoughts?

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