Glitter in Third freebie!

I wanted to share a fun freebie that may help your classroom out with test prep! It is a multiplication fact game called Evil Dragon vs. Pegasus. Yes, it sounds ridiculous. But I have learned that the more ridiculous something is... the more that third-graders LOVE it!

The dragon cracks me up. How silly is that dragon? He looks like he ate too many pies and is super full, plus he suffers from t-rex arm syndrome. 

What I love about this game is that the kids BEG to play it. I have kids bring it to outdoor recess, it is a big hit. All it takes is a printer! I print in color and laminate since the kiddos enjoy it so much and we can use it year after year, but not necessary. Cut up the cards and place them into a manila envelope or a Ziploc bag. The kids can play independently, or up to five players. It's super easy. A student draws a card. The cards have multiplication facts on them. They say the answer to the problem. If they get it correct, they keep the card. If they get it wrong, they must put their card back in the bin. To keep kids on their toes, there are cards with an evil dragon or pegasus on them. The evil dragon is the card NO ONE wants! It means the kiddos have to put all their hard-earned cards back in the container. The winner is whoever gets the most cards at the end! Simple but fun!

Interested in this freebie? Check it out here! I promise that your kids will love it!

Ten other wonderful TPT sellers/bloggers have generously agreed to blog hop with me and offer up a freebie and in some cases a giveaway as well! Score some free goodies for your classroom this year, or get ready for next year :-)

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  1. What a cute freebie! Thanks so much for participating!