FRACTION PUZZLERS! Free fraction math center!

SO I know that most people are either in the midst of summer break or just started their break, but in case you are getting the planning jitters, take a peek at Fraction Puzzlers!

In my classroom, fractions are by far the hardest thing we do all year (well.... except for long division.... that is the only mathematical concept that brings some of my kiddos to tears on the first day we learn it!). We do fractions early in the year, so they often forget much of the material at the end of the year while we start reviewing for our standardized testing. I always make sure that some sort of fraction game or activity is available on year long so the kids practice identifying fractions and gaining constant fraction exposure.

This game is super easy to print, laminate, cut, and throw into your math rotations. It can be done independently during guided math, but also with partners. When I start utilizing these next year, I am going to throw in a timer or hour-glass so that students can try to "beat the clock" and get these guys matched up.

It's free, so download now if you think that it might be helpful in your classroom next year! Then go do something fun and summery, like drink a margarita while pool-side :-)

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  1. Super cute! I will be sure my third grade math team sees this!! Enjoy your summer!

    Becky from CookingUpSuccess