You oughta know.... chalkboard labels!

My room looks very different this year- new year, new team, new theme! It is green, blue, and black/chalkboard theme. Something new I incorporated this year and am very excited about are these great chalkboard labels and chalkboard markers that I bought on Amazon with Amazon Prime. Nothing better than ordering on the fly and receiving them two days later right to your school. Check out the labels and markers here!

I like using these cute chalkboard labels for:

  • Math manipulative labels
  • Name tags
  • Pencil cups
  • Book boxes

One of the things that I enjoy most about the chalkboard labels is that it makes it so simple to move kids' seats around! Now all I do is grab a Clorox wipe, erase, and rewrite a student's name! Since I am using tables with year, this is definitely going to be easy to change up my kiddo's seats.

I also put these chalkboard labels on all of my bookboxes, as you can see from the left. They help tie in all the black that I have this year on my bulletin boards, and they look stylish and the colors really pop!
These will also be perfect on my math manipulative drawers! I am constantly changing out which math manipulatives are available to the kids depending on what we are learning. Sometimes it's place value blocks, sometimes pattern blocks, sometimes fraction rods. Now I don't need to pull off a hot glue-gunned label, I can just Clorox wipe and rewrite. So easy!

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