What I Am Teaching This Week: Week of October 19th


I do rotations for reading. One station this week will be morphology related, one will be independent reading, and one will be a reading passage/comprehension. The fourth will be working on the below topics with me. We alternate word study with morphology (the vocabulary notebooks). Our focus this week for our mini-lessons will be:

  • Morphology: I LOVE these notebooks and they are so simple to put into your reading stations, since they are independent work for the kids. Each week focuses on a particular set of suffixes, prefixes, or roots. In the beginning of the year, we focus on prefixes as the kids learn what these various affixes do and how they work. Each day is a different activity: Monday is a sort, Tuesday is a morpheme illustration, Wednesday is sentences, and Thursday is guide words. Friday is the cumulative quiz. 

  • Writing prompt: We are working on the writing process, and I am making sure to incorporate an author's share into EVERY step. It is so powerful for the kids to see and hear their peers' work, as well as learn to respectfully offer feedback.


Yay, fun week ahead! Let me know if you have any fun ideas or good video resources for various lessons that you may be teaching too :-)

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