What I Am Teaching This Week: Week of October 26

We start our patterns unit this week! This interactive notebook rocks for going over repeating & growing patterns and function tables. Such a fun unit! We use a resource called M3: Awesome Algebra to enrich the unit. However, my interactive notebook is great for the standards and basics that I know my students need to know. The Bill Nye video is a fun way to incorporate patterns into real-life as well. Students realize that there is a connection between patterns and all other content areas, definitely a great cross-curricular connection!

Next week we start literature circle! I am excited to drop by the reading room and start grabbing all the books for my groups, as well as preparing my lit. circle packets for next week. This week we are still reviewing reading passages and using homophones.

    We are finishing up our writing prompts on our favorite holidays! The kids are finishing up their revision stage with a partner, and will be moving on to their final soon! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Starting our geography unit! This is a very quick unit... only a week long! We cover continents, oceans, using a map, and the grid system. My map skills interactive notebook covers everything and is a lifesaver to keep the unit engaging and fun. I also do lots of Google Earth on the SmartBoard.

    So many holidays are coming up, and I try my best to incorporate them into different content areas. For example, I have many resources that are easily to stick into my language arts rotations for Election Day and Halloween. I do lots of guide word activities so that the kids practice looking up words in the dictionary while still getting practice with the holiday vocabulary (like my election day foldable on the right!).

    Yay, fun week ahead! Let me know if you have any fun ideas or good video resources for various lessons that you may be teaching too :-)

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