What I Am Teaching This Week: Week of November 8th

We are continuing our fun patterns units! I am using a lot of packets made to integrate pattern blocks and geometric thinking. A fun math game we are using on the computers is Towers of Hanoi.

We continue with our literature circles this week! I am excited about the books that I picked out for the kids- I went with The Rat of Sumatra, Sing the Moon, Prince Caspain, and the Indian in the Cupboard. The kids were SO EXCITED. During Closing Circle, almost every student said that the best of their day was starting book club because they have never done something like it before. I love that they are excited, I am so happy to start! Many of my boys will only read science and nonfiction books at this point (which is great! But I never know how often they are reading or just looking at the glossy pictures), so I am also happy that I know they will be reading a little bit more :-)

We are starting our brainstorms & drafts on why we are thankful! This is a good opportunity to solidify paragraph writing. Each reason why one is thankful is a different paragraph, also helps with main idea & supporting details.

We start our Ancient Egypt unit this week! Ancient Egypt is my favorite unit. We use the W&M Egypt Social Studies units for this at my school, but I always incorporate my interactive notebook pieces and worksheets to make Egypt as fun as possible! We also do craft activities like making a sun dial, Egyptian headdresses, and Egyptian bread!


  • Thanksgiving
I begin incorporating Thanksgiving into my literacy stations at this point! I LOVE holidays and filling our room with anticipatory, holiday cheer! I have a new post as well with Thanksgiving activities, video resources, and ideas.

  • Veterans' Day
My school does a really good job with Veterans' Day. We have a high military population and transitory families, so it is an annual tradition to invite veterans in to talk about their jobs or stories. The kids are so proud to see their family members in the classroom.

Great week ahead! Let me know if you have any fun ideas or good video resources for various lessons that you may be teaching too :-)

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