How do I use Google Classroom?

Google Classroom help

Google Classroom help

Are you a teacher looking for Google Classroom help?

I break down the most common questions I receive from teachers run into when trying to use Google Classroom with their students when using digital resources from Glitter in Third.

Below, I linked my blog posts that will help you through each common problem.

Common Google Classroom questions

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Get help how to use, log in, and sign in to Google Classroom accounts if you are a student or a teacher.


  1. I love that you included your instructions and may end up pointing buyers here - it never hurts to show instructions in more than one way, and I know there are always hiccups when learning new technologies. I just love how colorful interactive digital resources can be! Without being overwhelming, they are visually appealing so look amazing if the students want to present their ideas to others. Great post!

  2. Very helpful post, Kelly. Thank you. I'm new to Google Classroom; just started using it with my students 3 weeks ago and love it! So, right now, I'm eating everything up that I can find on switching my classroom over to digital. Your post was a huge help; plus, the video enhanced it. I did want to ask about the link at the bottom on Summarizing; I couldn't get it to download. Thanks again, Janet

    1. Hi, Janet! You need to purchase before you can download on Teachers Pay Teachers. Have a wonderful day :-)

  3. Hey Kelly!

    I am working on a blog post about some of my Google products and was wondering if I could provide a link in my post to this post? You do a beautiful job explaining it and I just don’t want to reinvent the wheel :P No big deal if you would rather me do my own. Just wanted to check with you first. Thanks!

    The Techie Teacher

  4. Hey Kelly! I purchased the fraction math packet on Teachers Pay teachers and haven't been able to get the bitly link to work. Can you please advise? Thanks

  5. Hi Kelly, I am trying to get the Grammar bundle to work via Google Classroom. It was works except that the students cannot click and drag the answers.