Giveaway for 8 Reading Tubs from Elizabeth Richards School Supplies!

On Friday, I blogged about how in love I am with these Elizabeth Richards School Supplies Reading Tubs! These boxes are durable, colorful, and a great deal. I am using these Reading Tubs in my classroom this upcoming school year for style and functionality.

Elizabeth Richards School Supplies is a company that is new in the US school market, but have been designing and creating products for Australian schools for over 30 years! As a classroom product junkie, I was stoked to get to try out some of their products!

These Reading Tubs are perfect for organizing lessons/assessments/worksheets for the week, holding your students' personal books, displaying read alouds for the week, holding your guided reading books, storing manipulatives, or organizing the books for your classroom library! Functional and cute- does it get any better?!

I am raffling off TWO sets total of these fantastic Reading Tubs. Each set contains eight bins. You will receive one of each color (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, royal blue, and pink!).

Elizabeth Richards School Supplies provided me with an exclusive promotion code to save you money! Use the code 10%OFFERUSA to receive a 10% discount of any purchase, valid until June 30, 2016. Simply enter the code in the discount area to check out! Shipping is also free with any order over $75.


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Good luck!

Thank you to Elizabeth Richards School Supplies for providing me with these Reading Tubs to raffle off and share with my readers!

Reading Tubs from Elizabeth Richards School Supplies

I received eight Elizabeth Richards Reading Tubs in a variety of colors, as you can see below! These Reading Tubs cost $3.95 each, but are also available in a pack of 40 for $136 (so $3.40 each).

Read the review filled with ideas for use below, and make sure to read about the giveaway coming up at the bottom of the page to win your own set of Reading Tubs! If you want more information or can't wait that long, check them out here!

These Reading Tubs are different from the regular, brightly colored bins on the market right now. They have interchangeable dividers inside to fit whatever your teaching and organizational needs may be.

See the dividers going vertically? These slats can be easily removed and place horizontally. You can choose to use both dividers, one divider, or no dividers! There are a total of eight ways that you can put your dividers up. It's like Burger King- have it your way! But with plastic bins and not with meat patties, cheese, and bread.

Here are some different ways that I utilized these Reading Tubs in my own classroom! If you have used these before or have any other suggestions, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear them in the comments section! I was so excited to start trying these out in different ways, but I am sure that a ton of awesome and creative ideas exist that I did not even think of!

The dividers are perfect for guided reading group! It's an easy way to prop up the books and keep them separated. My kids were excited seeing the books before guided reading started- it definitely helped build interest and engagement since they are set up like a mini book store! I used to keep my guided reading books in a neat stack next to my small table, but I'd always have that horrible moment when I'd grab a stack of books while the rest of them went sliding onto the floor. THE WORST (have you ever had that happen? Or am I just the clumsiest person on the planet?? Oh, I'm clumsy? Got it).


There's a variety of ways that these tubs can be used in math. First, I love the idea of filling them with what I need for the day in my small groups. As you can see in the photo above, we were working on mental math skills. Everything I need to meet with my flexible and differentiated small groups is inside the Math Tub and ready to go. No scrambling last minute looking for dice or post-it notes for exit tickets!


Reading assessments sneak up on me every year, and it can feel so overwhelming to be testing 28 kids all on different reading levels! We do the DRA in our district. If your school does the DRA as well or if you have used it before, you know how many slippery books and paper packets are needed! The Reading Tubs kept each reading level book and packet separated and without the mess or hassle. I let my coworker use these as well during her reading assessment time, and she said these Reading Tubs were a complete lifesaver for her and she was shocked how much quicker her reading assessments went by!

I have been getting questions about book clubs- yes, I will write a post for these soon! However, if you already have Book Clubs or want to start soon, these tubs are fabulous for them! The day before starting Book Clubs always drives me cray cray because I have five Ziploc bags lying around my desk with all the chapter books in them- which are not thin! The Reading Tubs not only separate each book group,  but also have plenty of room for packets if you use them. They also create engagement and interest, since each group tends to have a few nosy kids looking for a "sneak peek" and trying to guess what book they will be reading!

Of course, they are also a great way to have your teacher guides and/or manual that you need on a daily basis out in full force! I have several books that I need to make copies from once a week, so they are easy to pull when my copy parent comes to my room. Everything is in one spot!

What ideas do you have for these Reading Tubs? How would you ideally use them in your classroom?

Next Monday, a giveaway for a set of Reading Tubs from Elizabeth Richards School Supplies will begin! Come back on Monday to enter for a chance to win!!

Crafts & Activities for Ancient Rome

One of my favorite things about teaching my fabulous third-grade students is teaching social studies. I LOVE their social studies units because many of them are about ancient civilizations. We start off the year with Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, and finish with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

This activity rocks because not only does it teach the kids about aqueducts, but also incorporates STEM! We went outside for the activity since it was a beautiful day out and also involves water. Each group got four Twizzlers and two marshmallows. They could "buy" more of each material ($10 for Twizzlers and $15 for marshmallows), but each group needed an accountant to put in the invoice and add up the total cost.

It was fun to see the different methods the kids came up with to transfer water from the first Dixie cup to the second. Some created underground aqueducts, some used nearby plants, others used stacks of marshmallows. There is no "correct" way to do the project, really it is to see the creative methods that the kids come up with and work on their cooperation and teamwork skills. I was so impressed to see what the kiddos came up with, they are so stinking creative! It also allows the students to practice marshmallow or Twizzler eating until after the project is over :-)

I love showing a variety of Roman mosaics, and also discussing art. I am an art fiend. I've been to almost every major art museum in the United States, and many in European cities. I work hard for my kids to truly understand that art is the visual history of humanity. To understand art history is to understand the transformation of mankind and the innerworkings of culture. Mosaics are easy and fun! Give each kid a piece of paper and a variety of colors. They tear up the colored paper into teeny tiny pieces and do a design on their paper. It's so much fun to watch what they come up with, and also great bonding and social time for the kids. Definitely a fun Friday activity!

We also made these adorable Roman puppets to learn about the Roman forum. Kids color Roman clip art, glue sticks to them, and act out our own Roman forum. Students take on different roles (like a patrician, soldier, merchant, etc.). This activity is not only know, because puppets are always fun... but also helps the kids remember that a forum is a place where the ancient Romans did their business, took baths, and conducted their government.

Do you teach Ancient Civilizations as well? What craft and activity ideas do you have?

Testing is approaching! Ugh.

Testing is approaching! Our interactive notebooks are jammed full and filled to the brim. I like to pull out fun games during this time, as well as some worksheets. I love the worksheets I created, as so do my kids! They are filled with fun pictures to keep students entertained and engaged. Are you a testing fan? I’m going to go out on a limb and say probably not. Something about the idea of my kiddos sitting in a chair for three hours while feeling stressed and anxious makes me feel like a horrible person. All I want to do in the testing room is open all the windows and scream, “RUN KIDS, RUN!!!!”. But I’m willing to be that if a me touching a student’s laptop will result in a test penalty, allowing kids to make a grand escape will most definitely result in a test penalty. Oh, life.

 At this point in the year, my kids have their reading strategies down to a pat. My kiddos worked their booties off all year in guided reading and trying their absolute hardest, there’s nothing more in the final week to really push through. A couple extra reading comprehension sheets won’t make a difference in the final week, those skills should be set at this point. However, the grammar part of testing tends to fall by the wayside. Many of my kids forget what a homophone is, or a thesaurus. This is the time to have some fun with grammar and reading skills! Fun with grammar?! Does that exist?! I am a grammar nerd, so all I can say is “HECK TO THE YES!!!” This may now be the time that you are closing this browser and calling me cray.

 Some of my favorite worksheets and activities to do that will help brush up on those essential testing skills are:

Want to engage students while promoting computer practice and comfort? Some of my kids rock various strategies and skill on paper, but freeze up when a computer is involved. I made Google Drive products mid-year, and I am also using these! Not only do they get kids used to being on a computer, but my kids are ECSTATIC and think that they are the most fun ever. Fun reading skills?! Heck, yes! Again, they are filled with lots of cute pictures and bright colors to ensure maximum fun and interest.

Happy testing! :-)

TPT Sale!

Have you heard? You must have heard. The teacher blog-iverse (blog-o-sphere? Blog world? Blog land?) has been booming about the upcoming TPT sale for Teacher Appreciation Week! Everything is 28% off.

For the sale going on from May 3rd to May 4th, everything in my store is on sale. This includes bundles! Bundles already can be up to $50, even more with the sale! If you've had your eye on these, now is the time to buy!

You are amazing. You put up with low salaries, snotty noses, and a range of emotions everyday for your students. Thank you for all that you do, teachers are truly incredible people. You make a difference, whether or not you feel like it when you are driving home from school in the afternoon with sore feet, a blouse covered in some accidental spilled peaches, and a feeling of helplessness knowing that one of your students is dealing with a father returning from jail. Everything you do makes a difference, your students need you. Thank you for making their life better and as a constant reminder that someone cares. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, you are loved.