Testing is approaching! Ugh.

Testing is approaching! Our interactive notebooks are jammed full and filled to the brim. I like to pull out fun games during this time, as well as some worksheets. I love the worksheets I created, as so do my kids! They are filled with fun pictures to keep students entertained and engaged. Are you a testing fan? I’m going to go out on a limb and say probably not. Something about the idea of my kiddos sitting in a chair for three hours while feeling stressed and anxious makes me feel like a horrible person. All I want to do in the testing room is open all the windows and scream, “RUN KIDS, RUN!!!!”. But I’m willing to be that if a me touching a student’s laptop will result in a test penalty, allowing kids to make a grand escape will most definitely result in a test penalty. Oh, life.

 At this point in the year, my kids have their reading strategies down to a pat. My kiddos worked their booties off all year in guided reading and trying their absolute hardest, there’s nothing more in the final week to really push through. A couple extra reading comprehension sheets won’t make a difference in the final week, those skills should be set at this point. However, the grammar part of testing tends to fall by the wayside. Many of my kids forget what a homophone is, or a thesaurus. This is the time to have some fun with grammar and reading skills! Fun with grammar?! Does that exist?! I am a grammar nerd, so all I can say is “HECK TO THE YES!!!” This may now be the time that you are closing this browser and calling me cray.

 Some of my favorite worksheets and activities to do that will help brush up on those essential testing skills are:

Want to engage students while promoting computer practice and comfort? Some of my kids rock various strategies and skill on paper, but freeze up when a computer is involved. I made Google Drive products mid-year, and I am also using these! Not only do they get kids used to being on a computer, but my kids are ECSTATIC and think that they are the most fun ever. Fun reading skills?! Heck, yes! Again, they are filled with lots of cute pictures and bright colors to ensure maximum fun and interest.

Happy testing! :-)

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