TPT Sale!

Have you heard? You must have heard. The teacher blog-iverse (blog-o-sphere? Blog world? Blog land?) has been booming about the upcoming TPT sale for Teacher Appreciation Week! Everything is 28% off.

For the sale going on from May 3rd to May 4th, everything in my store is on sale. This includes bundles! Bundles already can be up to $50, even more with the sale! If you've had your eye on these, now is the time to buy!

You are amazing. You put up with low salaries, snotty noses, and a range of emotions everyday for your students. Thank you for all that you do, teachers are truly incredible people. You make a difference, whether or not you feel like it when you are driving home from school in the afternoon with sore feet, a blouse covered in some accidental spilled peaches, and a feeling of helplessness knowing that one of your students is dealing with a father returning from jail. Everything you do makes a difference, your students need you. Thank you for making their life better and as a constant reminder that someone cares. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, you are loved.

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