My Erin Condren Teacher Planner for 2016-2017 arrived!

My friends and coworkers know that I am Erin Condren OBSESSED. Something about these planners make me so darn happy! Feel free to use my referral link to get $10 off any Erin Condren purchase! 

Since these planners are personalized and made-to-order, it took about two weeks for it to arrive. What did I do while I waited? Something productive? NOPE. I watched lots and lots of YouTube videos of people unboxing their planners and talking about them. I'm sure the hours that I spent watching these I could have learned a new language or how to waterski. But instead I know way too much about planners. #priorities.

Seeing this box in my mailroom immediately made my heart jump! It is GORGEOUS! Opening it up is like a mini-Christmas in a box. As you can see, the company includes lots of fun freebies too. My favorite freebies are the ones shown on the right. These are gift stickers to put on presents or bags to add some extra cuteness and pizzazz!

The planner also comes with a mini-sticker freebie book. It gives you a glimpse into some of the fun planner stickers that Erin Condren sells. I am personally not a sticker person- I love all the clean white space of a planner. Gives me inner piece. But if you like to add some color to your planner, these stickers are definitely a fun way to do so! The "do-it-all dots" are super cute and have symbols like a hairdryer or a hair appointment, dumbbell for working out, etc.

And then we open it up.... and here is this beauty! I chose the lace pattern and I am obsessed. I am even more excited that it has a "Mrs." on it.... two weeks until I get married! So excited, and this is making it seem even more real. It comes with a see-through plastic ruler that serves as a bookmark so you always know your place in the planner.

The inside of the front and back cover are dry-erase. Now personally, I would never use dry-erase markers on this. I love my planner too much to be happy with smudges all over it from the dry-erase markers! However, permanent markers work just fine on this thing and don't smear. To remove, just grab a Clorox wipe and get rid of it. I'll be using this as my dashboard with my guided math and guided reading groups on it.

You will get a set of date dots to put the dates on the Teacher Planner. Okay, I understand the point of these is to use the Teacher Planner whenever you want. But if there's something I don't like about the planner, it is this. You have to stick all the dates on for the monthly calendar! I am a fast-paced person, so this part drives me cray cray. The things I do for a beautiful planner. Moving on.

Here's some images of the introduction pages. There's a spot for birthdays, important holidays/dates to remember, an all about me section with contact info in case you lose your planner. All the same things as the old one had!

Finally, the good stuff! I love calendars. The planner comes with a whole bunch of stickers. I went ahead and looked at our yearly school calendar. I put down yellow stickers for any day that we have off during the year (like voting day, Thanksgiving Break, etc). Pink for holidays that we are in school, but obviously still need to celebrate! 

For tests/quizzes, I write down the assessment in pen and go over it in yellow highlighter. For guidance dates, I write down "Guidance" and highlight in blue. Assemblies get a green highlighter. 

This is the empty shell of the lesson planner. I bought stickers from a Etsy shopped called "Owl Plan With You" that will list all the subjects, week #'s, and dates. 

Next, the student checklist pages! I LOVE these babies for field trip forms, classroom money, chaperones, etc. It is all in one place, which is perfection since when it comes to paper in my classroom, I lose EVERYTHING. It's really bad actually... I walk around with important pieces of paper, put them down, and never see them again. Luckily my kids are super competitive, so I call out "FIRST ONE TO FIND THE FIELD TRIP FORM GETS A CAPRI SUN" and they run all over the room looking for the item. Thank goodness for children helpers :-)

In this handy pocket, I stick leave slips, purchase orders, and building use forms. I always need a leave slip, purchase order, or building use form but hate walking down to the office to get one. I am located in a modular and am literally the farther classroom away from the school. This makes things less stressful and allows me to fill one out when needed!

Another pocket, but a lower one. It's currently filled with the stickers, but I'll be moving this. They will fall out of the low pocket in no time! I might flip flop the contents of the other folder with this one. Love the color on the pocket folder, so pretty.

Ta-da... that's it! What do you think? Would this be useful in your classroom as well? I absoutely, 100% recommend this product. The minor annoyances (cough cough dates dots) are blown away by all the fabulous features. This made my teaching so much more organized last year.

What do you think? Want to get one of your own for the first time? Use my referral link to get $10 off any Erin Condren purchase! 

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  1. i got the new planner too. This is my second year and i still haven't decided how much i love it.
    I really want my calendar on one page.. and alhtough i do i understand why the dates are blank on calendars I hated how i previously had to write them in ... and i didn't care much for putting stickers there either since they ended up crooked or not perfect. it is one of the better planners out there I just wish i could have removed the pockets from last year and placed them into this years.
    Also, i don't need the absent section. all of that stuff is kept on line for school and so it ends up just being a waste. I do buy it every year.... and it keeps getting better... just a few more things would make it perfect.