Halloween in the Classroom

Happy (almost) Halloween! Halloween brings mixed feelings in my classroom. I am an October baby - I was born to love Halloween! Every year my mother would throw me a Halloween birthday party, complete with costumes, scary scientists, and lots of spooky fun. However, in the classroom, Halloween can be a nightmare! The kids are off the wall excited about Halloween night...and are cranky, tired, and exhausted the following day. Yet I still love to celebrate Halloween in the end of October! Here's some fun ideas and activities below that are easily incorporated into the classroom.

First, have you downloaded my FREE Halloween multiplication color-by-numbers? These are so much fun, your kids won't even realize how much practice they are getting with their times tables. Want these in your classroom? Get them delivered immediately to your inbox - you can sign up here!

Below is my bulletin board display for Halloween- "Batty about writing!" My kids have been working on the writing process, and we wrote spooky stories for October. My goodness- the kids were so engaged and excited about the stories! It is a great activity for those reluctant writers of ours. Plus, they make some darn cute wall decor!

My Halloween Interactive Notebook has some fun pieces that are great for reviewing essential concepts while adding some spooky fun. We are finishing our addition/subtraction unit this week, and these word problem flips will be fun for the kids. Word problems are twenty times more fun when holidays are involved.

We are also working on our homophones! These pocket sorts work on the infamous "their/there/they're" that so many kiddos struggle with. They add in Halloween themed sentences that allow the kids to pick the right "their/there/they're" in the blank! Fun!

This Wednesday my class will be doing a STEM activity that I love- engineering with Mallocreme Pumpkins! The kids adore the activity, and it's fun seeing them work in teams to build their towers. I'll post in a few days when we complete :-)

How do you celebrate Halloween in your classroom?

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