What I Am Teaching This Week: Week of March 19th


  • Geometry: We are in the midst of our geometry unit! This week we are focusing on symmetry, congruency, and similar. I do stations in my classroom (a teacher time station, math center station, lesson work which is an independent worksheet, and a computer station). I do the interactive notebook foldables in teacher time for new strategies that we are learning, and I like the Google Classroom portion for the computer. 

I do rotations for reading. One station this week will be word study related, one will be independent reading, and one will be a reading passage/comprehension. The fourth station will be working on adverbs with me at my small table.

  • Literature Circle: We start new books for book club this week! My kiddos are assigned one of four books depending on reading level. This cycle we are doing A Single Shard, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Shiloh, and A Wrinkle In Time. They complete their roles during independent reading time if they'd like in class, quiet time, or at home. They do their roles via Google Classroom with my Literature Circle for Google Drive & Google Classroom

  • Word study: We do our word study on Google Drive! I use words from Words Their Way and have three differentiated groups. Each group has the list of words, and complete each daily activity with a computer during a literacy center. The kids get a choice of what activites to do. All the activities align with a reading skill that they need to know in third-grade. They have a choice of ABC order, dictionary search, story writer, thesaurus search, word origins, and word value.
Adverbs on Google Drive

  • Writing prompt: We are finishing up our folklore stories! We revised and edited last week, so they will now be starting their finals. I am a big proponent of making keepsakes, so the kids strive to do their best handwriting and make a beautiful cover. The final copy is stapled and made into a beautiful storybook!

  • Ancient Greece: This week in Ancient Greece, we are covering direct democracy, philosophers, architecture, and the Parthenon! 
    • Direct democracy lesson:  First we watch some video clips on BrainPop and Learn360 about democracy. We talk about how direct democracy is different from representative democracy. Finally, we do a direct democracy simulation! Table groups create a new classroom rule, then everyone votes on the new rule. 
    • Philosopher lesson: We first watch the BrainPop on Athens. Then we talk about what a philosopher is, and the three main philosophers that are remembered from Ancient Greece (Plato, Socrates, and and Aristotle). Next, the kids become philosophers! They come up with their own philosophical sayings and then present them to the class. 
    • Architecture lesson: We use a worksheet from my Ancient Greece worksheets to look at the various types of columns. 
    • Parthenon lesson: We are watching a video clip on Learn360, then discussing the Elgin Marbles. Should they have been removed from Greece? We go over the term "perspective," and brainstorm two main perspectives on this controversy. Then, the kids write their opinions on the Elgin Marbles. 
  • VIDEO: BrainPop on Athens
  • VIDEO: BrainPop on direct democracy

Yay, fun week ahead! Let me know if you have any fun ideas or good video resources for various lessons that you may be teaching too :-)


  1. I'm starting literature circles for the first time this week with my second graders. I wish we had technology to complete the roles on, it would have saved me so many copies :)

    1. Your kids will be so excited - mine are always ecstatic when I pull out the new literature circle books! We don't have a ton of technology at our school (I wish we had more!), but we have enough that at least six kids can rotate during literacy stations.

  2. Oh my! I love those book boxes. I would use them to store leveled books in my classroom library, to and for my students to have to put the books they choose to read during read to self or read to someone.