DIY Math Center for Telling Time

All my coworkers know that I am a strong advocate for guided math. I use small, flexible groupings in my classroom mixed with stations. I always have an independent station, a technology station, a math center station, and of course a teacher station. Check out more about how guided math works in my classroom here. My math center station always incorporates hands-on activities or games. This is the station that students look forward to the most! Whether it is building with base-ten blocks, playing multiplication war with a partner, or maneuvering pattern blocks into a specific shape, it's no wonder that kids enjoy math centers so much!

Today I am sharing a great math center idea about telling time from You can check out more of their fun math activities here! This math center uses Legos, or any kind of Duplo-style blocks. Last year one of my classroom parents brought in a MASSIVE box of Legos that her sons no longer wanted, and it has been sitting in one of my classroom shelves. I am excited to incorporate this math center next year during our telling time unit, I know that it'll be a big hit.

Third Grade Math Activities: Time to Match 'Em Up!What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Fine point black marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Duplo-style blocks

What You Do:
  1. Use the black marker to draw 12 clock faces, each one showing a different time. Make certain that your clocks are just small enough to fit on two stacked blocks. You could also use clip art or pictures online (I am the worst artist ever).
  2. Cut out your clocks. Tape each one onto the side of two stacked Duplo-style blocks. Double-stick tape works great for this (I stock up at the Dollar Tree!).
  3. Write out the digital times for the clock faces that you drew in Step 1. Cut out these times and tape each onto two stacked blocks.
  4. After you labeled all of the blocks, mix them up. I think these work best in a Sterilite container with a lid.... otherwise these things can get spilled all over the place!
  5. Students will match the clock face with the digital clock.
Want to make this even easier? Grab some Avery labels and print out the clock faces and times. 

This is easy to switch up to! In my state, students in third-grade need to know other names for each time (like quarter 'til, quarter after, and half past). 

What math centers do your students enjoy? Do you think that they might enjoy this activity?

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