Steps to Literacy Book Bins

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However, there is a NEW giveaway for a class set of Steps to Literacy book bins. You can enter here.

My absolute favorite thing in my classroom are my boatloads of book bins in lime green and marine blue. These bad boys work for SO MUCH MORE than just books. The Steps to Literacy book bins are high-quality, sturdy, and most of all functional. You can read my original review from two years ago here. Check out the exclusive promo code at the end of the post if you're interested!

Here's some of my book bin history. I originally inherited a bunch of book bins from Really Good Stuff from a retiring teacher at my school. In my mind, Really Good Stuff was the holy grail of book bins compared to the ones I often found at the Target Dollar Spot. I ran into issues with the Target Dollar Spot ones splitting and falling over. The Really Good Stuff book bins were all different colors - red, orange, yellow, and blue. Sadly, these did not fit my color theme but I made it work. As I came into my third year of teaching, I desperately wanted to have a calming blue and green room but could not stomach the cost of the bins at Really Good Stuff when I couldn't get the exact colors that I wanted. I also felt like the book bins were always falling over. I started doing research and discovered Steps to Literacy. Steps to Literacy has extremely low book bin prices and has lots of beautiful colors to fit any classroom! I took the plunge and have never looked back! These book bins make my heart go pitter-patter. These book bins are incredibly multi-versatile, inexpensive, beautiful, and sturdy. I urge anyone who is thinking about buying new book bins for next year to check them out, you will not be disappointed!



Book bins
One of my biggest pet peeves is when one of my little angels start to read.... right in the middle of my engaging, fun, mesmerizing, spectacular lesson. Shocking, I know. To solve this problem, I keep my book bins far away from my students' tables. This way, their belongings are still organized and close, but not too close where it provides a distraction. My students books never stay on their table, they are always put into the bins when we are working on something other than independent reading.

Folder bins

I have tables in my classroom, so we do not have desks to store all of our belongings in. That's where these folder bins come into play! Each table is assigned a folder bin. The students' Unfinished Work and Quiet Time folders are stored in these. These bins are the perfect size to fit folders and have them stand up straight!

Weekly lesson organizers

These babies are also perfect as a weekly lesson organizer! On my art cart I put a bin for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  All the worksheets, read alouds, art supplies, etc. are put into the corresponding day. I fancy them up with some chalkboard labels from Amazon, and they work out perfectly!

The Steps to Literacy book bins come in 'Fun colors' and 'Primary colors.' I prefer the 'Fun colors' because really... who wouldn't want a color to be fun?!?! I sure do!

If you're liking the sound of these book bins and are interested in checking them out, Steps to Literacy is offering an exclusive promo code! Use the code GLITTER2017 to get a 10% discount on sets of 20 and sets of 40 book bins!

Steps to Literacy has generously offered up a Set of 40 of these book bins to my wonderful readers. Look for the giveaway on MONDAY! It's like Christmas in June filled with BOOK BINS! My raffle starts MONDAY, so make sure to come back to enter! The winner will be announced the following Wednesday.


  1. I would use the bins to put different kinds of STEM materials for students to use in my STEM classroom.

  2. I could use these in so many different ways! Some would be book boxes, some station work, some as STEAM buns, or even guided reading materials! In kinder, it is so important to be organized and have materials prepared/on hand. As a new teacher, I haven't quite built up the bucket/storage system to fulfill all the needs of my classroom yet.

  3. Oh the possibilities ... book bins, stations, folders, journals, lesson plans, daily work, table bins, crafting materials, STEM materials, early finisher work, ...

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  5. This would be perfect for my interactive notebooks and data folders.

  6. Would love to organize my classroom library with these!

  7. I would use these to organize my library or a book bins for my students!!

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  9. I would use these to organize math center materials.

  10. I would use these book boxes to organize classroom materials!