Fraction math picture books

Fraction picture books

fraction math picture books
Are you looking for fraction picture books? I love using picture books in math to introduce a topic, or during math centers to reinforce real-life math application. You can read more about how to use math picture books in your elementary classroom HERE, including introduction lessons, math centers, literacy centers, and even writing.

Below, I highlight a few of my FAVORITE fraction picture books. Then, you will find a complete guide to fraction picture books that you can use in your classroom. All book links are Amazon Affiliate links (I get a tiny commission if you purchase a book from the link, which goes toward this blog's site maintenance), but you can find the same books at your local book store!

My favorite fraction picture books

fraction math picture books

Fractions in Disguise

This book is a MUST READ. Fractions in Disguise centers on equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. The main character, George Cornelius Factor (GCF... get it?!) is on the hunt for a certain fraction that has been disguised by the evil Dr. Brock (who often turns fractions like 3/6 into 1/2 or 6/12). GCF must figure out how to find the hidden fraction using his math skills. This book is SO FUN, and the author jam packs so much great information and mathematical concepts into it. Your students will want you to read this one again and again!

Lion's Share

This book is so sweet, and a good way to incorporate some character education into your fraction lessons. A mouse is invited to a lion's birthday party. After the cake is all passed around to the lion's friends, there is no cake left for the mouse! The other party attendees decide they will each make the mouse a cake - but it gets out of hand quickly. Lots of good vocabulary in this book as well to discuss with students.


Twinderella: A Fractioned Fairy Tale focuses on the concepts of halves and doubling. The book focuses on Cinderella and Tinderella, two sisters who use math skills to figure out how to get to the ball and live "happily ever half'ter". I love how the female lead enjoys doing math, but it is a great twist on the old fairy tale!

More fraction fun picture book ideas

Still looking for more picture book ideas? Below, I compiled a list of some of the best fraction picture books that you and your students may enjoy in your classroom! 
    fraction math picture books
    fraction math picture books

    Need more fun fraction lesson and activity ideas?

    I have a variety of fraction digital resources that you may find useful in your classroom lessons along with these fraction picture books. You can find these lessons and more on Glitter in Third on TPT.
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    best fraction math picture books

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