A Guide to MASTER 2nd Grade Social Studies SOLs

Virginia Standards of Learning SOLS for 2nd-grade

Virginia state standards of learning
Are you a 2nd grade teacher in Virginia looking for resources to cover your social studies and science SOLs? I created a guide to help you fill in the gaps with your teaching. All resources below are aligned to the Virginia SOLs to save you precious time and energy - stop late night lesson planning and spend more time with the people and activities that you love!

As you can see, my SOL 2nd grade resources at Glitter in Third on TPT are currently limited to social studies. Look for science coming in the fall!

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2nd grade free worksheets pdf

Social studies 2nd grade SOLs

2nd Grade Interactive notebooks

Native Americans activity 2nd grade

2nd Grade Google Classroom resources

Virginia SOL innovations activity

Resources featured in post available at Glitter in Third on TPT

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2nd grade SOLs

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