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Interactive notebook examples

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Looking for interactive notebook examples? I wanted to share the flippable and folding templates that I love using most with my interactive notebooks. All of these interactive notebook pieces are easy to cut - that means more class time, less cutting time.

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Here are the interactive notebook examples that you will see the most in my interactive notebooks:

Circle foldovers

Example of a circle foldover on adjectives

interactive notebook activity of fossil fuels


interactive notebook activity of states of matter
interactive notebook activity of renewable and nonrenewable resources
interactive notebook activity of grammar adjectives

Tab multiple sorts

Example of a tab multiple on the Pledge of Allegiance
Example of a tab multiple on American Indian homes


Example of a flapbook on the rainforest

Flip squares

Example of a flip square on energy conservation

Pocket sorts

Example of a pocket sort on levels of governmentExample of a pocket sort on adjectives


Example of a sort on mixtures and solutionsinteractive notebook activity of sorting greek gods and goddesses

Venn diagram flipbooks

Example of a Venn diagram on famous Americans Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr.


Example of sequencing on the 7 continents

Resources featured at Glitter in Third on TPT

Continents & oceans interactive notebook activityFamous Americans interactive notebook activityLevels of government interactive notebook activityCulture in ancient greece interactive notebook activityPledge of allegiance interactive notebook activity

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