How to differentiate quickly and easily using innovative interactive notebooks

Differentiate with interactive notebooks

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Want to differentiate interactive notebooks but don't know where to start? You, my friend are in the right place!

My interactive notebooks have a three level differentiation system. There is a filled-in template/answer key, fill-in-the-blank template, and blank template. It is up to you what you would like to use. All students could get the same one, or you could give students different ones depending on their ability level, or if they need specific accommodations in the classroom.

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Differentiating with interactive notebooks

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My interactive notebooks come with a choice of three differentiated templates for each activity.

Filled-in template / answer key

Fill-in-the-blank template

Blank template

Picture of a differentiated interactive notebook

Below, I break down when you could use each of the differentiated templates.

  • When would I use the filled-in template?

    • Students with fine motor skills
    • If you are short on time
    • As an answer key
    • You could also choose to give this version to all students, but have them highlight or underline the material to interact with the material.

  • When would I use the fill-in-the-blank template?

    • This is my go-to with most students.
    • Decreases writing time it takes to write notes, but still gets students thinking and writing
    • In elementary school, students are new to note-taking. This allows them to start getting the hang of it.

  • When would I use the blank template?

    • High ability students
    • Students researching their own information
    • If the information that your students need to know for your state differs from the material listed (for example, maybe you want to go in to detail about the Ancient Greek Olympics differently than is presented on the material)

What do you think?

Could these differentiation ideas work in your classroom? These interactive notebooks make differentiation easy! Choosing a specific template to pick for your classroom and students will help tailor a students' learning.

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