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Every teacher in the world should have access to teacher-created resources that will positively impact their instruction. Teachers need support. We need to teach our students to the best of our abilities. However- we need resources to do this.

TPT ClassFund is going to impact you. It is going to impact your students. Maybe more hands-on resources will be the change you need for fractions to truly click with your students. Maybe more levels of differentiation is going to make reading more accessible for your students. Maybe your Sunday evenings are about to open up and allow you to spend more quality time with your family and to take part in the things that truly fill your cup.
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What is TPT ClassFund?

Have you heard of DonorsChoose? Teachers Pay Teachers ClassFund is similar in that it is a platform that donors can give you funds toward your goal. But instead of the goal of a class set of books or flexible seating options - it is money directly toward TPT. A simple donation of $3 could allow your classroom a week's worth of lessons on soil.
  • You get the resources when you need them
  • All the funds you raise are immediately available for you to purchase TPT products. 
  • There's no waiting period - you get the resources when you need them for your students.

Yes, this is a BIG deal.

ANY educator can use this. It doesn't matter if you're a classroom teacher, a specialist, a SLP - if you are an educator and you utilize TPT, you can utilize TPT ClassFund.
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Why is TPT ClassFund going to change lives?

Raise your hand if you have spent hours creating a single lesson for your students. I don't know about you, but my hand is raised, and I bet yours is as well. Teachers are not paid outside of contract hours, yet we have piles and piles of school-related tasks waiting to be completed each and every day.

Why should teachers have to choose between buying a 3rd-grade fractions curriculum, or buying groceries for the week? We shouldn't. This is where TPT ClassFund comes in, and why I think it is going to change your life.

I want to give you some background on my own history with Teachers Pay Teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers changed my life when I discovered it during my first year of teaching. Suddenly, my overwhelming and crushing stress level was relieved when I realized that I could log on, pay $2, and suddenly get my entire Sunday back (instead of struggling to figure out how to teach soil conservation to students). But at the end of the day - we are teachers. We do not make the salary of an investment banker. Lessons and activities begin adding up. Every teacher would say that they would buy so many more resources from TPT if they were financially able to. But you know what? Resources start adding up.

TPT ClassFund means that more resources will be immediately put into the hands of the teachers who need them - WITHOUT teachers having to continuously reach into their own pockets to pay for these resources. Think about Donors Choose and the #CleartheList movement that went on in summer 2019. People and communities are realizing how much that teachers are spending in their own classrooms, and they are lining up to help. ClassFund is another part of the puzzle that will allow the outside community to help support educating our children in schools. 
An iPad opened up to Teachers Pay Teachers ClassFund

How does TPT Classfund work?

1. Set up your classfund

2. Reach out to the community

Not sure who to tell? Send a simple email to your classroom parents. Post a link on your personal Facebook page. Keep the link to your ClassFund on the bottom of your school email. Keep awareness out there so that people can help donate a few dollars that will directly impact your classroom.

The TPT Blog has amazing email templates that you can send to your PTA/PTO and classroom parents to tell them about ClassFund and how it will positively benefit their students. There are even thank you email templates to send!

Teachers Pay Teachers created shareable images- including a download PDF I love that you can email to classroom parents, or print out and stick in classroom take-home folders. 

3. Purchase the TPT resources you need

Yep, that's it. Did your neighbor donate $3 last night? You can use that money immediately for whatever TPT resource that you need. That's right - you can start directly impacting your classroom learners.
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How do I create a TPT Classfund page?

Click here to create your TPT ClassFund page! It is completely free and has no fees attached.

Are there any benefits for signing up immediately?

Oh my goodness - YES YES YES. The founder of TPT is personally matching $50 in contributions to your ClassFund page, dollar for dollar.
Kelly Chapman of Glitter in Third holding an iPad with Teachers Pay Teachers ClassFund

What are you waiting for?

 I am so excited for ClassFund and to tell you all about it.

Not sure where to start? Just create a TPT ClassFund page - that first step is always the hardest. It takes about 10 seconds to create and to fill out.

Feel free to email me at with any questions, or to send me your ClassFund pages. I will be sharing these on my Instagram with my followers. If you let me know about YOUR ClassFund page, it WILL be featured on my Instagram stories!

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