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TPT ClassFund Giveaway

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I am giving away $25 to four TPT ClassFund pages. Four winners will be selected.

Teachers Pay Teachers ClassFund is similar to DonorsChoose in that it is a platform that donors can give you funds toward your goal. But instead of the goal of a class set of books or flexible seating options - it is money directly toward TPT.

Enter to win here!

Fill out your name and email to enter! You will also be added to the Teacher VIP Club, but can unsubscribe at any time.


What is TPT ClassFund?

This is awesome... I need to sign up. 

Sign up here! It's absolutely free.

    How do I know if I win? 

    Everyone who enters will be notified on Monday, September 16th who the four winners are!


    Email me at Kelly@GlitterinThird.com with any additional questions!

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