How To Grow Your Instagram Account With Tailwind

How to automate Instagram posts with Tailwind Instagram

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest... teacherpreneurs do it all. But do we truly have time to put 100% effort into each social media platform? When I learned about the power of automating posts on each platform, my social media game completely changed.

I am going to tell you today about Tailwind, which will automate both Instagram and Pinterest
for you. However, this post focuses purely on using Tailwind Instagram.

What if you could show up every day to Instagram, without having to actually show up? Tailwind Instagram is going to do this for you.

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link to Tailwind Instagram. This means that if you choose to sign up, I receive a referral commission from Tailwind Instagram at no cost to you. However, I only recommend products that I use and absolutely love.

You can check it out or sign up for Tailwind Instagram here!

What does Tailwind Instagram do?

Tailwind Instagram allows you to sit down and batch work all your Instagram posts.

Not only does it allow you to batch work, but it has an algorithm to figure out your BEST engagement times on Instagram and automatically posts each day at that specific time to get you the highest likes and engagement. UMMM SAY WHAT.

Spending 45 minutes every couple of months will give you peace and cut down all that Instagram anxiety when you start thinking "EEP it's Thursday and I haven't posted in 4 days! What do I post???"

In addition to batch working, it also gives you access to SmartBio (the link for "check out my link in profile!"), hashtag finder, hashtags in the comments, and categorizing posts.

Click here to sign up for free! 

How does Tailwind work?

Tailwind Instagram creates a personalized schedule just for you. It analyzes your likes and engagement, and creates a custom schedule to target the highest level of engagement for you audience.

Do you want to get up and post at 2:31 am? I most certainly don't, but Tailwind Instagram will do it for you if it results in the highest level of engagement for your audience.

Click here to sign up for free! 

What are the perks of Tailwind Instagram?

Smart Bio

"Click the link in my profile to learn more!" Sound familiar? This is the infamous link in profile.

Now, on Instagram, we can have one link in profile. Many people use LinkInProfile, LinkTree, or create their own. 

I originally went with LinkTree for $6 a month (hated it with a fiery passion... it never worked correctly and had a clunky interface). Then, I made my own on my blog. I actually liked that, and didn't know what I was missing until I looked into Smart Bio.

Smart Bio takes the best parts of LinkTree and LinkInProfile and combines them into an effective hybrid. It allows you to have any links you want on top, and then every picture has a link that you'd like beneath it.

The best part? When you schedule your Instagram posts, you can put in the Smart Bio link. This means no extra work for you, or those DMs where people say "you said check the link in profile and there's no link for this blog post there." Yes, it's amazing. 

I switched over to Smart Bio last month and have been so happy with it - thrilled, in fact. My traffic to my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers products have greatly increased due to the visuals and simplicity of Smart Bio.

Click here to sign up for free! 

Hashtag finder

Tailwind Instagram has a hashtag finder that will find the best hashtags for your post. It finds the hashtags with the perfect amount of competition to be viewed but not to be hidden.

After you find all these hashtags, you have the ability to "Save" your hashtags. So for all future posts, the hashtags will be saved and you simply can add them to post. 

Need to use a different variety of hashtags depending on post? For example, your hashtags for memes will be totally different than the hashtags you need for a picture of you. No problem! You can have hashtag categories!

Click here to sign up for free! 

Auto post

This is the feature that will draw most people to Tailwind Instagram. This is what is responsible for batch working all your Instagram posts. It uses an algorithm to find the best engagement for you and your audience. 

9-grid preview

You can see what your 9-grid looks like before it's even posted! This is great if you're someone who likes their grid to look aesthetically a certain way (I personally do not fall into this category, but this is really important to some people, especially travel or fashion influencers).

Hashtags in first comments

Don't want to make your Instagram post look messy but need your hashtags? Tailwind Instagram can automatically post your hashtags to the first comment - meaning you get your hashtags, but you also get a clean looking post. 

Interested? You can check it out or sign up for Tailwind Instagram here!

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Tailwind Instagram figures it out for you! There is a lot of research of the "best times" - but the best times truly are different for everyone. YOU know your audience best. 

Tailwind Instagram looks at ALL your past posts and figures out the optimal time to post to get the BEST engagement, likes, and comments for your audience.

Click here to sign up for free! 

How will Tailwind Help a Teacherpreneur?

We simply cannot do it all. Tailwind allows teacherpreneurs to schedule Instagram ahead of time. My Instagram is scheduled four months ahead of time. 

Batch working is proven to be the most effective way to work. Take advantage of batch working by using an Instagram scheduler.

Keeping up with social media is a time suck, and you can easily fall down a rabbit hole of scrolling, commenting, and viewing. Skip all this by sitting down every month or three months at your computer and scheduling out what you're going to post.

Now, you can ahead of time figure out holidays, best-selling resources, and seasonal opt-ins that work best for a certain time period.

Never run out of content - you can easily look at your analytics and recycle older posts! Only 5% of your audience ever sees your content, so this is a way to ensure that your content is getting shown to the most audience possible.

You can check it out or sign up for Tailwind Instagram here!

Is Tailwind Instagram free?

It is not free - Tailwind Instagram costs $9.99 per month. $9.99 a month is 100% worth of your sanity.

Click here to sign up or learn more!

Interested in a free Tailwind Instagram trial?

Click here to sign up for free! You don't need a credit card, you can simply try it out and see if  it is for you!

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