Art History for the kiddos

SOL tests are officially over! Yay!

So now we have three weeks of freedom to teach without standardized tests. I'll be honest, I was at a complete loss yesterday what to do!

The two things I am focusing on the next week is poetry and art history. I adore art. I frequently visit art museums and read books about art and artists. My favorite art is Near-East Ancient art, specifically Akkadian. Getting the opportunity to share my love of art with my kiddos is so fun and rewarding. They are not used to learning about art or artistic movements. I was shocked when yesterday not a single student heard of Pablo Picasso! I try to stick with artistic movements they'd find most interesting (sadly no Near-East Ancient art with them). So far we have done:

  • Cubism (focus on Pablo Picasso and Gaugin)
  • Impressionism (focus on Monet)
  • Neo-impressionism (focus on Seurat)
When learning about neo-impressionism, I introduced the kids to pointillism. I was amazed by how much fun they had doing this, it took FOREVER. It's tough to get into the mindset of simply having fun while learning, I am so used to learning with a very direct purpose and set of standards. 

What are you focusing on after testing? Any neat and fun ideas for the kids?

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