Cheers to the new school year!

WHOOPS... haven't updated all summer! Goodness, have these first two months of school been busy! Get ready for a plethora of new posts. I have my act together and am ready to keep up again like usual.

Look at this GORGEOUS new rug I received this year! I absolutely adore it, as do the kids. It's bright yet very calming. Fingers crossed that it stays in beautiful condition for a few years to come.

I'm also loving my new word wall this year (Wild About Words!). My sweet mom came in to help me. Please note the beautiful Trufula trees in the background that are still doing alive and well! This is my first time ever doing a word wall, and I am loving it. It is so nice for an easy reference when a student wants to spell "herbivore" or "liberty." I feel like all I do all day long is spell words that kids ask for :-)

 To display my kiddos' Hopes and Dreams this year, I created a fun Dr. Seuss display. The projector is the best for tracing characters and objects and convincing my kids that I am truly the best artist ever (ha). Totally easy to make... just printed the Trufula tree shape out on fun colored paper. The kids got to pick their color, write their hope and dream, then cut it out. It turned out great! Of course I had to print out a Dr. Seuss quote as well to tack on up there. It's probably time to change out my student work soon... which is too bad because I adore this layout :-/

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