FIve For Friday!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting, Kacey!

This week was super short… only 2 1/2 days! The kids were very excited all week for Thanksgiving. However, it was rather relaxing having 10 out of 28 kids absent on Wednesday! We had a fun day, reading N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims and creating a literature web, watching a BrainPop and Learn360 on Thanksgiving traditions, and typing up our DBQ's on Google Classroom. 
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my dear mother, sister, grandmother, her husband, and my fantastic boyfriend. We ate at a nice restaurant (which means I wasn't forced to eat turkey and traditional Thanksgiving foods, whoop whoop! I got some pumpkin ravioli instead). Then we returned to my grandma's house. Later in the night, my boyfriend and I went to a friend's home. It was a very successful Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for all the people in my life.

Officially feels like November! Leaves are changing colors and it finally is getting rather cold. My boyfriend and I went to a winery on Saturday and had a chance to see all the beautiful changing leaves. The winery was DELICIOUS and a nice break after a stressful week!

My boyfriend and I are driving up to Rehobeth Beach to spend some time at my mom's beach house. Although it's chilly at the beach, there is a lot of fun small-town activities taking place there, such as lighting the Christmas Tree! Should be a blast and festive.

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