Phases of the Moon with Oreo Cookies

Firstly, happy Thanksgiving! Phew, we made it, teachers! The kids left at 1:35 today, and I promptly left at 1:36 :-)   It was a very easy day. I signed up for the computer lab the entire morning, and my kids typed up their DBQ's on Google Classroom. Half of my kids were missing today, so it was nice to feel productive yet not worry that anyone was missing much.

This is a product that I LOVE for teaching the phases of the moon. I sell it on Teachers Pay Teachers as well, click here if you're interested in purchasing it. I saw many of the Oreo Phases of the Moon projects on Pinterest, but there were no ready-made kits, mostly just ideas. I put everything together into an easy product. It has all the labels and cute little clipart, in both color and black and white. It is too stinking cute, I love it. Double Stuft Oreo's work the best because the cream isn't set on the cookie very well, so it's easy peasy to scrape off. I made a Google Doc for parents to sign up to bring in Oreo's (it unfortunately takes quite a few bags of Oreo's!). I will be using this activity to teach VA SOL 3.8 in about two weeks, I know the kids will adore it.

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