Five For Friday...LA Style!

Hi, all! How is your Friday? I am blogging to you from Los Angeles, just arrived a few hours ago! I'm hanging at the hotel bar drinking a peach basil Moscow Mule and eating some Mexican corn until my boyfriend gets back from work and we can celebrate the town :-)

Wooooo new, beautiful location! This is the view from our hotel room. Really, how can I return back to rainy, freezing weather after this? I think we are getting some sushi tonight and going out. I laid at the pool all afternoon. I am super dark in the summer, but this winter I stopped going to tanning beds. I feel like the whitest ghost ever, I hate it. Hoping to get some color back :-)

 My boyfriend signed me up for another year of Birch Box! He is the best boyfriend ever. I found a couple products last year that I actually bought full size of that I adored. Coola Tinted Moisturizer, and Benefit They're Real. Have you used these products? The moisturizer feels like mousse and looks great on, plus it is actually sunscreen but not shiny or causes you to break out! I highly recommend. Hoping to get some new fave products with the next box that arrives!

This is the first time I have spent more than three days alone at my recently new apartment as he's away on business. I was worried that I'd be lonely, but it's quite relaxing. I go to yoga or Pilates every night, clean, watch my liberal TV shows, and relax in my bathrobe and towel turbie by the fire. Although I miss him, I must say I'm rather enjoying myself. AND I get to sleep with the blinds open and get woken up by the sun!

Speaking of exercise classes, a new one came to my gym called Pump. I was very irritated when I showed up to Pilates and they said it was replaced....I almost walked out! Then I realized that I already made the effort to walk the block to the gym ( much effort!) so I stayed. Ohmygoodness. I loved it! I felt ridiculous in the beginning, each participant is give lime green drumsticks. Sounded totally stupid. But the drumsticks are 1/2 weights, so as you do your movements you have repetitive motions with the light and easily maneuverable weights. If you have it near you try it! It has great music and is quite the workout, you'll feel it the next day. 

So this has nothing to do with school...but look at my sisters dog with its cone of shame!! So cute yet so sad. Wishing him a safe and speedy recovery!


  1. Beautiful photo. Hope you enjoy your time in the city!

    1. You are so sweet, thank you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :-)

  2. Warmth and sunshine! That sounds really nice! I will be snowed in tomorrow. Four to eight inches are predicted. I can't say I really mind, though. Hanging out with my family is the best. When my cat had his "cone of shame", we took SO many pictures of him. Poor thing. Have a great weekend!
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