I Have... Who Has... With Multiplication Facts!

Firstly.... I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BLOG DESIGN! Pink and green... I am ecstatic. What do you think? It is one million times better than that eyesore I had before. Yay!!!! There's also an ultra handy index at top. "My Subjects" is especially wonderful because I break down all posts by subject. You can find a post by language arts, math, social studies, science, classroom management, organization, or decor.

Secondly, I created these the other day. They are excellent for your game in morning meeting, closing circle, or as a warm-up before math class. Facts are without a doubt the most frustrating and challenging thing for my kids. It makes everything else so much harder... long division, fractions, word problems. Memorizing facts are NOT fun. Anything to help this process is greatly appreciated in my classroom!

Have you played "I have... who has" in class before?? As long as you have the cards made, this is a great game to play over and over with your students for a review of a subject. It is a wrap-around game. You give each student a card. One student starts. They say "I have 50. Who has 8x4?". The student that has the words "I have 32" on their card responds. They say "I have 32, who has 5x6?" The student with 30 goes next.

I printed out the set, laminated, and then cut it up. Well... during Quiet Time a few of my lovely girls saw me about to cut and begged to do it. It's too funny how much those third-graders love to help! I couldn't say no, especially since Quiet Time is fifteen minutes of no academics. I had to take them up on the offer :-)

My kids LOVED playing this game! They enjoyed the fun clipart, and were excited when they heard their math fact being called. I am hoping that consistently playing this will help "stick" the facts in their mind. AKA 8x6, 4x8, and 7x8... my kids NEVER remember those x8 facts!

 Interested in getting this game? I have a winter themed game seen below and a Valentine's Day game in my store. I love my seasonal items! Keeps learning fun and interesting. Also... how darn, stinking cute are the little cupids and the penguins????


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