Yoga in third-grade

My boyfriend bought me a ridiculous calendar for my classroom... Yoga Kittens 2015. It consists of kittens doing poses like downward dog, mountain pose, and lotus. The pictures are hilarious. Speaking of cats (and who wouldn't want to speak about cats?), are you following Cash Cats on Instagram? If you're not, you need to start. Just trust me on this. Piles of cats on piles of dolla dolla billz. Love, love, love.

I ADORE yoga and try to get into class about four times a week. I am a member at a gym and you get unlimited classes for pilates, yoga, zumba, and body flow. There are other classes too... but I am not much of a Body Pump kind of gal! My yoga instructors always have the best, voices. They mention "falling into the Earth" and allowing "gravity to pull you down" many, many times in an hour. Who wouldn't want to peacefully fall into the Earth while doing exercise?!?! However, when I attempt to mimic their voices I sound like a creepy robot, according to my boyfriend, as opposed to a beautiful yoga goddess. Oh well... you win some, you lose some.

I stuck to simple poses, like mountain pose, tree pose, forward fold, and ragdoll. The kids were really into it, although they were rather silly at first. However after a few poses while I acted very serious, they became quite calm and seemed content with the movements.

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