ONE WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not excited at all... oh wait. I AM WAY TOO EXCITED! I love my kiddos and think that this may be my favorite class ever this year, but I still am over the moon about summer break.

This last few weeks of school is always super busy yet drags on. I have end-of-the-year luncheons, assemblies, interviews to sit in on, laminating/cutting for next year, volunteer celebrations, parties, packing up my room, and so much more. I just want to get packed up and get my booty out of the school building. I cried on Friday morning because I was so ready to be done and for summer to start (I think due to hormones.... usually I am thrilled and excited every morning to go to school!). I am just ready for summer, the pool, and relaxation.

I am officially done laminating and cutting classroom decor for next year. I am switching up my classroom, so getting all that work out of the way at the end of the year. The beginning of the year is always crazy hectic, so I want to make sure that I don't add on to any stress in September. How cute are those schedule cards to the right??! If you're interested, I sell them in my store. 

Did you see my post on end-of-year gifts that are cheap and memorable? I put them into action this week! Yesterday after school my sweet boyfriend and I opened up Dollar Store frames and stuck the Wordles inside for my kids' gifts. Cute, right?!?!? Of course we went to happy hour first to help it go by a little faster. No one can turn down a $5 frozen margarita! There was a huge rainstorm in the middle of our happy hour though, which is a bummer when you are sitting on a rooftop deck! Happy hour ended a little bit early :-)

For those teachers out there with 5 days left..... YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!  I am prepared for a long, stressful, and bittersweet week. Enjoy the last days with your kids. You will never have these same kids in the room with you in the happy, dynamic, beautiful atmosphere that you helped create. You worked hard all year, you can do it!!!!!!!!!

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