Third-grade Year 3: COMPLETE!

WOW. Yesterday was an exhausting day - physically and emotionally. Half the class cried as we said good-bye. Those were truly an amazing and inspiring group of children, and it saddens me to know we will never all be together again. My drive home was a mixture of sadness and pure relief. The last two weeks of school are so chaotic, with after-school meetings for next year and good-bye events.

On the happier side....IT IS SUMMER!!!!! Packing up my room wasn't too bad. I always have the kids help me. The girls have a blast sorting markers/crayons by color and testing out which ones are try. The boys especially love the furniture moving aspect, I put them in charge of moving the furniture and flipping tables. I think it is great to instill that sense of help and responsibility in them, instead of having them sit around while their teacher lugs furniture around. This was OUR room, so we will pack it up together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

My school has a rule that everything must be on wheels or in cabinets, when we leave hence the ridiculously high storage containers on my carts.

In just a few short months I will be returning, this year with a new decorating theme! Good-bye jungle theme, hello to neons and bright colors! Since this will be my fourth year in this room, I need a change. Two of my teammates are leaving (and best friends), so I want to start fresh next year in a new feel of a room.

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  1. Wow - you're on vacation! That's a huge job getting room all packed up...Well done!