Target Dollar Spot Summer Finds!

Does anyone not love the Target Dollar Spot? This place is a treasure trove jam-packed with adorable (and functional) goodies for your home and classroom. This area is a favorite of mine in the summer when all their teacher treats and items show up. The summer before my first year of teaching, I went to a Target about every other day to try and grab the best items. #TargetDollarSpotAddict.

Not all Target Dollar Spots have the same thing. There are a few in my area which are not-so-good... always out of stock or too small. It is a lot of trial and error to find the best ones! However, most of the items are SO MUCH CHEAPER than what you would ever find in a teaching supply store.

This weekend while shopping for power adapters for my Italy trip, I came upon some items that I simply had to have! Take a peek at what I picked up! I separated it into math finds, language arts finds, and classroom decor finds.

I picked these up purely for the bills! The math manipulatives that came with my classroom are icky and don't look realistic! How will kids learn about money when they have fake money with fake presidential pictures on them?! These are realistic and the bills are perfect. Maybe I'll find a use for the pennies as well.

I already have a ton of clocks in my classroom from Target, which are really helpful when we deal with elapsed time in May. However, my clocks do NOT have the minutes like this one does. I knew I had to have this clock the second that I saw it! It will help those kiddos who struggle with elapsed time simply because they have not yet memorized the minutes hand.

I thought these magnetic letters would be a nice addition to word work! The colors are bright and fun, and they are loads cheaper than a lot of magnetized letters that you find in teacher stores. Score!
I grabbed these cuties to save for Read Across America Day in March! Definitely a steal. 

Again I thought these would be a fun addition to a word work station! But they would also be fantastic in lower elementary school grades to help kids with letter formation.


I did not actually buy these, because I currently have enough pocket charts. BUT they have great colors, so if you need pocket charts go soon to snag some pretty ones!

I like to have a Dr. Seuss themed hopes and dreams board in September, so he could be a great addition to the board! The kids write their hopes and dreams on brightly colored paper that looks like a Trufula Tree!
I am a SUCKER for gel clings. Obviously, these are no exception. I like to buy cheap gel clings, since they get gross and you can't really save them for the next year, unfortunately. 

THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! I am not sure where to put them yet, but I am considering decorating the edges of my door frame with these. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I picked some up, but have NO idea what to do with them. Let me know if you have any ideas! They were too neat to pass up.

SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!! Probably using it in my guided reading area. Thing 1 looks so darn happy :-)

Do you like the Target Dollar Spots? What have you picked up there this summer?

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