Crafts & Activities for Ancient Rome

One of my favorite things about teaching my fabulous third-grade students is teaching social studies. I LOVE their social studies units because many of them are about ancient civilizations. We start off the year with Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, and finish with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

This activity rocks because not only does it teach the kids about aqueducts, but also incorporates STEM! We went outside for the activity since it was a beautiful day out and also involves water. Each group got four Twizzlers and two marshmallows. They could "buy" more of each material ($10 for Twizzlers and $15 for marshmallows), but each group needed an accountant to put in the invoice and add up the total cost.

It was fun to see the different methods the kids came up with to transfer water from the first Dixie cup to the second. Some created underground aqueducts, some used nearby plants, others used stacks of marshmallows. There is no "correct" way to do the project, really it is to see the creative methods that the kids come up with and work on their cooperation and teamwork skills. I was so impressed to see what the kiddos came up with, they are so stinking creative! It also allows the students to practice marshmallow or Twizzler eating until after the project is over :-)

I love showing a variety of Roman mosaics, and also discussing art. I am an art fiend. I've been to almost every major art museum in the United States, and many in European cities. I work hard for my kids to truly understand that art is the visual history of humanity. To understand art history is to understand the transformation of mankind and the innerworkings of culture. Mosaics are easy and fun! Give each kid a piece of paper and a variety of colors. They tear up the colored paper into teeny tiny pieces and do a design on their paper. It's so much fun to watch what they come up with, and also great bonding and social time for the kids. Definitely a fun Friday activity!

We also made these adorable Roman puppets to learn about the Roman forum. Kids color Roman clip art, glue sticks to them, and act out our own Roman forum. Students take on different roles (like a patrician, soldier, merchant, etc.). This activity is not only know, because puppets are always fun... but also helps the kids remember that a forum is a place where the ancient Romans did their business, took baths, and conducted their government.

Do you teach Ancient Civilizations as well? What craft and activity ideas do you have?


  1. I would love to do the aqueduct activity. Do you have a design brief that you use?

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