Why are my students unable to drag-&-drop and type on Google Slides?

 What to do when your students cannot drag-&-drop or type on Google Slides

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Are you using a digital resource from Glitter in Third and you are not sure why your students are unable to drag-&-drop or type on Google Slides? Read the steps below and take a peek at the pictures to help you out. It is an easy solution and a very common mistake.

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What to do when your students cannot move the drag-&-drop pieces or type on Google Slides

Don't worry, it is an easy solution! Make sure that your students are in EDIT mode, not PRESENTATION mode. 

Not sure which mode that you are in? Look at the pictures below to see the differences.

Presentation mode

Presentation mode will look like the picture below. Notice that there is no toolbar.Google Classroom help

Edit mode

Edit Mode is how your students will be able to drag-&-drop and type on the Google Slides. You will notice that there is a toolbar, and the slides are on the left-hand side of the screen. There is also a small triangle that will take you into presentation mode. 

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