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Hello, teachers!

My name is Kelly Chapman, and I am the creator and author behind Glitter in Third. My number one reason for creating my blog and resources is to make classroom teachers lives easier, and I very much intend to do that teacher by teacher. I put my heart and soul into ideas to give you more time to spend with the people that truly fill your cup.

My products and resources are now in the classrooms of tens of thousands of teachers all over the world. I am over the moon to be part of such an amazing educational community and that I get to share a part of me with teachers and students everywhere.

Why did I start creating resources?

Let’s travel back in time for a minute… back to my first few years of teaching. I would find myself lesson planning at school until 6 pm. I kept thinking that there MUST be an easier way for me to reach my students without giving up time with my friends and family.  Learning about Teachers Pay Teachers changed my life. Suddenly, I could pay $3 for an engaging math activity and get back my entire Sunday evening to spend with my family. I no longer had to say no to a friends’ football potluck because of an anxiety attack over how I would teach polygons.  I started selling my own products on TPT and working on my blog because I want to share the things I made and helped me in my own classroom.

Why do I help make classroom teachers' lives easier?

Can I let you in on a little secret? Teaching can be completely overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and stressful. Oh, let me guess, this is not a secret to you! You are a teacher. You have felt that stress from administration and data. The stress of needing to please every parent. The stress of working day in and day out with a particular student that you know is so close to mastering a certain skill.  Whether grading papers on the couch, having the hubby cut up your math centers, or staying at school until dark lesson planning – teaching easily becomes a round the clock activity.  It is so easy for teachers to start consuming every minute and every hour of the day with school. My dream is that my blog and resources will offer some kind of insight or tips for you that you can take into the classroom and cut down on the stress of school.

Want to know more about me?

Let me tell you a little about my background. I have only taught one grade.... third-grade! I truly find my heart in third-grade. I have taught all six years in a gifted third-grade self-contained classroom, generally around 25-30 little sweetie-pies. Because of this, my instruction ranges from third-grade to fifth-grade content.

Kelly Chapman from Glitter in Third teacher-author, curriculum designer, and third-grade teacher
My personal life? I have a baby daughter and a fabulous (and patient...) husband. My hobbies include traveling, Taco Bell, and art history. I LOVE elephants - to the left you can see a picture of me in Thailand at a baby elephant rescue center. I am not crafty. I see beautiful anchor charts on Pinterest- that is not ever something that I’ll be able to replicate. You won’t ever be seeing those beautiful anchor charts on this blog, gosh darn it!

Thank you for all that you do!

 I am so excited that you are here and allowing me to be a part of your teaching journey. If you ever need to contact me directly, email Kelly@Glitterinthird.com. Happy teaching!

Kelly Chapman

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